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    Plastering in Auckland – Qualified Interior Plastering Experts

    Smooth and durable walls are a result of quality workmanship and top quality products. Besides excellent masonry and construction, plastering and painting add shine and strength to the walls. A home with even, beautifully painted walls looks good and ensures the occupants that they are living in a safe space. 

    To ensure Auckland homes and businesses enjoy stunning as well as safe space, we at Professional Interior offer a range of plastering services. Our trained plasterers in Auckland have years of experience under their belt in plaster repairs, plaster cladding, plasterboard fixing, exterior plastering and painting. Be it interior or exterior painting, exterior plaster, our professionals can do it all. So, if you need plastering services that match your taste and budget, then our Auckland professionals can help you. Call us now for a free quote!


    Quality Interior Plastering Services in Auckland

    Renovating a home is one of the biggest investments, and you don’t want anything to go wrong. Thus, you must hire certified and skilled professionals who are experts in their job and understand customer needs. Professional Interior is the place where you can find trained painters, GIB stoppers, and fixers. We use high-end tools and quality products that ensure efficiency, quality and desired results. Plus, all our services are highly affordable compared to others in the market.

    We are a full-time plastering service, with years of experience. We are also specialize in all kinds of gib fixing & painting repair work.

    Your interior project will be beautifully finished by our professionals on time and with a smile.

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    Interior plastering
    Interior plastering


    Leading plasterers in Auckland, New Zealand!

    Highly skilled and certified, Professional Interior specialises in a range of plastering services in Auckland. Whether it is plasterboard fixing or plaster cladding, we are local experts in Auckland, committed to delivering quality service within your budget. With our years of expertise,  knowledge of high-tech tools, and top quality plastering products, we can give your walls and ceilings the desired finish.

    So, whatever plastering services you need, we are the experts in the field. We understand your needs and then create a plan that aligns with your budget. If there is any demand for changes, our friendly staff will be happy to do it because we strive for customer satisfaction. Moreover, we do our best to complete the work on time.

    So, why wait? Revitalise your home like no other with our professionals; call us now and get your job done as per your needs.

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    Professional Interior Plastering

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    What's the difference between plastering and skimming?

    Skimming is a part of plastering. Mainly skimming is performed on existing walls that lose their lustre, or the upper surface of the walls starts to peel off. Many property owners consider skimming before painting. In comparison, plastering is a complete trade in itself. It can be performed on a new build or the existing building to add durability and strength to the walls. Another difference is that skimming produces smooth surfaces while plastering leaves walls rough.

    How much is it to plaster a 3 bedroom house?

    An average size room can cost you up to $1500 to $2500. However, the price may differ based on the quality of products used, time taken, size of the walls, ceilings and other conditions. The type of ceiling also determines the cost. If it is an old build, then removing the layer can also add the cost. Plus, skimming also adds up to the overall cost. Plastering a new build is cheaper than the existing one.

    How do you know if a wall needs plastering?

    If a wall appears to be curved when you move a plain object from one end to the other, then chances are the previous plaster has come in contact with dampness. A tap on the wall will sound hollow. For comparison, tap on the wall that is well-finished, solid and durable. Notice the difference. If the upper surface falls off from slight touch, then your wall is in desperate need of plastering.

    How do you plaster an interior wall?

    Interior walls require a high-end finish, so it’s necessary they are plastered with a professional method. The first thing is to prepare the surface. Make it wet for proper adhesion. Now thoroughly mix the plaster compound and start from the top. Apply the plaster with specialised tools and complete the plastering job. Use the brush to clean edges surrounding other walls. Flatten it with a trowel to achieve the desired finish.


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